Andy Marks


Office Principal at ThoughtWorks

Andy Marks is the Office Principal for ThoughtWorks Melbourne and Perth. Originally an itinerant teacher of programming at university, Andy has been writing code professionally since 1996 in Melbourne, Brisbane, San Francisco, Leeds and Singapore. Joining ThoughtWorks as a technical lead in 2002, Andy has deep experience in agile development and has, since 2013, become one of those dreary functional programming evangelists you dread speaking to at parties.

Andy is a frequent speaker at conferences in Australia as well as user groups in Melbourne, even though he does not understand monads… not even a little bit.

YOW! West 2014 Perth

Adopting Functional Programming Languages


For some years, there has been a quiet renaissance in a form of software development once relegated to niche fields of academia and computer science: functional programming. Functional languages like Scala and Clojure are attracting significant attention from developers, and aspects of functional programming are creeping into established development languages/platforms like Java and .Net. But what is the catalyst for this renaissance? The increasing scale and sophistication required of custom software development has led people to reprioritise the benefits of functional languages (e.g., immutability, expressiveness) as a way of increasing code quality, boosting development productivity and reducing complexity. This presentation is aimed at those unfamiliar with functional programming and will describe the reasons for it’s recent resurgence and why many IT organisations should be considering trialling functional programming alongside their existing development languages.