Andy Trigg


Technical Lead at REA Group, Agile Technologist

Andy Trigg is a Technical Lead at the REA Group. In the past he has held multiple senior engineering roles at various Software Organisations and was the Co-founder of Gigantiq, an Agile consultancy, and has extensive experience as a Melbourne based Agile consultant, and technologist.

Andy has more than nineteen years of experience in the IT industry and has spent the past decade heavily focused at applying and introducing Agile methods into a number of organisations of various sizes.

YOW! West 2014 Perth

Adventures in a Micro-service world at REA


In this session, attendees will learn about the implementation of a micro-services architecture at REA. This will include the drivers for choosing to implement micro-services, how the adoption of micro-services has driven changes to infrastructure, deployment, testing, monitoring and support, and even team structures. We’ll share lessons that we have learned and things that have gone well and less well, and some of the approaches and tools that we’ve adopted to make the approach sustainable.

The session will be presented as a case study of a set of ongoing projects at REA which are transitioning from legacy monolithic applications to an application and integration architecture with small independently-deployed services. We will provide participants with references to existing industry material for further references (e.g. blogs, upcoming books).