Beth Skurrie


Problem solver, software developer, Pact evangelist

Beth is a consultant at DiUS, specialising in Ruby development. Beth became a developer not because she particularly likes computers, but because she loves to solve problems and make things that are useful.

Most recently, Beth has been immersed in the microservices world. Her experience has created a firm belief that we should throw away traditional integration tests and use consumer driven contracts instead. She’s been walking the talk through a national brown bag tour and as a speaker at the inaugural YOW! West Conference.

Beth’s favorite things to do at work are talking about Pacts and deleting code.

YOW! West 2014 Perth

Pacts to the Rescue: Making your Microservices play nicely together with Consumer Driven Contracts


Microservices and rich client javascript apps are all the rage. As we move away from monolithic software into the world of specialised services, how do we ensure that integration testing does not become more of a problem than the original monolith was?

Using the example of how “pacts” were implemented at, attendees will learn how to use automated consumer driven contracts and throw away their integration tests.