Jason Leach


Software Architect at SMS Management & Technology, .NET & Mobile Developer

Software Architect, .NET Dev, recovering JavaScript hater, and general code tinkerer. Despite having absolutely no artistic skill he enjoys developing for mobile devices where this deficiency is exceedingly obvious, and will someday finish one of his side projects. In his day job he has a strong focus on quality and process improvement.

YOW! West 2014 Perth

Cordova (PhoneGap) for .NET Developers


This session aims to provide .NET developers with enough information to get started with Cordova for cross-platform development, while still using the tools familiar to them.

The talk will be a live demo of a hello world Cordova project on the Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 platform. It will demonstrate the basics of the Cordova developer workflow and how to use the best aspects of Visual Studio to develop and debug the application.