Jason Yip


Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks, Agile & Lean Software guy

Jason has been involved in what became known as Agile since 1999 and is a 15 year veteran at ThoughtWorks. He was a committer on the first Open Source continuous integration server, CruiseControl. Jason has wide-ranging interests including Lean, Lean Startup, psychology, organisational change, effective dialogue, and structured problem solving. He is currently a Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks helping clients with Agile change, rapid innovation, Kanban for application development and IT operations, and value stream improvement for software development, product development and business processes.

YOW! West 2014 Perth

Toyota Kata for Innovation


Toyota / Lean people always start with the question: What problem are you trying to solve?

Is this not the question that most innovators should start with?

Given the Toyota-influenced origins of Lean Startup, given the drive toward more systematic approaches to innovation with various canvases and Design Thinking, how might we apply the Toyota Kata approach to both structure innovation as well as teach how to coach innovators?

I’ll use recent innovation experiences as examples of how this might work.