Jennifer Smith


Software Developer at ThoughtWorks, Organiser of London Clojurians

Jen is a Software Developer for ThoughtWorks based in Melbourne. Although in a different hemisphere, she still considers herself a London Clojurian at heart. She enjoys tinkering with a variety of different languages, environments, technologies, paradigms but enjoys the freedom, expressivity and the opportunity to learn amazing stuff that comes with functional languages and Clojure in particular.

YOW! West 2014 Perth

The Internet of Strings: Getting smarter about Web Integration


We build increasingly sophisticated architectures and web applications but rely on HTTP and the humble string to hold them together. We apply widely understood data formats (XML, JSON) to our requests and responses so both sides understand structure but how does each party declare its expectations of the content of the message? What’s more, how do we avoid a excessive coupling between components and the data formats they share?

Attendees of this talk will come away with a better understanding of why it is so important to think about integration and an idea of some of the ways we can get smarter about the division of responsibilities in our systems. This will include tools and techniques like consumer contracts and generative testing that allow us to better reason about uncertainties, test our assumptions and localise faults in our systems.