Mahesh Krishnan


Principal Consultant at Readify, VIC .NET & Melbourne DDD Organiser

Mahesh Krishnan works as a Principal Consultant at Readify in Melbourne, Australia. He is also a Windows Azure MVP, has written a couple of books, and speaks regularly at conferences. He is active in the local .NET community in Melbourne, and organises conferences such as “Developer Developer Developer Melbourne”

YOW! West 2014 Perth

Modern Architecture Patterns for the cloud


Traditional web applications have typically followed a layered architecture; Presentation, Service, Business and Data Access Layers over a relational database. While such applications often have a great deal of capability, there are practical limitations on how well they grow, evolve and scale in a dynamically scalable environment like the cloud.

Come and watch John Azariah and Mahesh Krishnan share their practical experiences of how Modern Architectural Patterns such as CQRS, Queue Centric Workflow, Event Sourcing and Map Reduce combine with NoSQL databases among other things to address issues such as reliability, flexibility and scalability in modern real-world cloud applications.

This exciting talk will showcase a Twitter-like social application, written using these patterns running in the cloud.