Michael Barker


High Performance Java expert, maintainer of LMAX Disruptor

Michael Barker is a lead developer at LMAX Exchange and maintainer of the LMAX Disruptor – a high performance inter-thread messaging library. Intermingled with travelling to various countries around the world, Michael’s 10+ years of experience has been spent battling unnecessary complexity across a variety of industries (finance, telecoms, government) and in whatever technology that happens to have been hurled in his direction (Java/JavaEE, C++, .NET). He has been a sporadic contributor to a number of Open Source projects (GNU Classpath, JBoss, Mono, PostgreSQL).

YOW! West 2014 Perth

6 Years of Test Automation


Automated testing is hard but necessary. A fully automated testing system requires serious investment and attention to be successful. LMAX has been committed this approach since its inception 6 years ago and learnt many hard lessons along the way. We will share the highlights our experience of testing a large and complex system including; the different types of testing that we apply, design patterns to write robust tests, tools (some open source) built to support the process and a few war stories.