Nathan Jones


Software Developer at ThoughtWorks, Hunter – Gatherer

Nathan is a Software Developer for ThoughtWorks based in Perth. Nathan’s focus is getting stuff done. This means he works with a variety of different languages/frameworks/environments, and is quite happy to learn something new when it’s the right tool for the job. He is equally happy driving better user experience from the front end or corralling hardware on the backend.

YOW! West 2014 Perth

Seeing Stars – Bespoke AR for Mobiles


We’ll explore the development of the Fireballs in the Sky app, designed for citizen scientists to record sightings of meteorites (“fireballs”) in the night sky. We’ll introduce the maths for AR on a mobile device, using the various sensors, and we’ll throw in some celestial mechanics for good measure.

We’ll discuss the prototyping approach in Processing. We’ll describe the iOS implementation, including: libraries, performance tuning, and testing. We’ll then do the same for the Android implementation. Or maybe the other way around…


Fireballs in the Sky app (iOS:, Android: Fireballs in the Sky website (, sponsored by Curtin University.