Sam Ritchie


Chief Codesplicer at Codesplice, Organiser of Perth iOS Developers

Sam has a background in .NET enterprise development, but now works mainly on mobile apps & cloud services. He’s been an Apple fanboy since the 80s, and was coding Objective-C before it was cool. He mainly develops in Swift & F# these days, and actively tries to avoid writing any JavaScript.

Sam runs the Perth-based software consulting company codesplice, and organises the Perth iOS developers meetup group.

YOW! West 2014 Perth

Beyond SQLite & Core Data – NoSQL for mobile apps


A large percentage of mobile apps use SQLite relational databases for persistence (such as Core Data on iOS), but are they always the right option?

NoSQL databases offer a compelling alternative in web applications, but developers seem firmly attached to a relational model on the device. There are a number of scenarios where this can deliver sub-optimal outcomes, such as search performance and data sync. This presentation will cover these issues and present a few alternatives, focusing on practical demonstrations of specific NoSQL approaches on iOS, however the concepts are highly applicable to other mobile platforms.