Graeme Foster


Software Developer at Cash Converters

Graeme’s IT passion was first stirred with a 1Kb ZX81 in 1983 at 8 years old. He’s now had almost 20 years of commercial experience using .Net, Javascript, Java, and VB, as well as writing Lisp neural networks at Uni and having Objective-C ios apps in the AppStore.

He is currently working at Cash Converters under the title “Spanish Software Developer”, taming a large production system, and bending and contorting it to run in Mexico.

YOW! West 2015 Perth

Welcome to Production


Have you designed / developed a system using the “best practices” of the last few years? Are these acronyms familiar – ORM, SOA and DDD? If so there’s every chance that when your system makes it to production, it’s going to suffer.

In this session, I will investigate this often forgotten life of a system – when it’s deployed into the real world and the original developers move on to pastures new. It’s a collection of my experiences from the last 9 months working very close to a live system which I designed a few years ago using the then, best practices.

We will consider issues which are often overlooked or not thought about in too much detail at the development phase like performance, concurrency, scalability and deployment. We’ll see ways we can track problems down, sometimes before the end users even see them. We will think about how to deal with them or even side-step them. And we will consider how we may have avoided them by taking different architectural paths early on.

By the end of the talk I’m hoping you’ll see that delivering a system to production is just the beginning of it’s life, and have some ideas on how to keep it happy and healthy whilst it grows!