John Smart


Consultant, Coach and author of “BDD In Action”

John is a well-regarded consultant, coach, and trainer in technical agile practices based in Sydney, Australia. A prominent international figure in the domain of requirements discovery, behaviour driven development, automated testing, developer best practices, and continuous integration and delivery, John helps organisations around the world to improve both their collaborative and their technical practices and to optimise their development processes and infrastructures. A renowned speaker at many international conferences and events, John is the author of the popular “Java Power Tools” and “Jenkins: The Definitive Guide”, both published by O’Reilly, as well as “BDD in Action”, published by Manning.

YOW! West 2015 Perth

Twelve BDD Anti-Patterns: Stories from the Trenches about how NOT to do Behaviour Driven Development


Behaviour Driven Development is a powerful collaboration technique that can empower teams to deliver higher value features to the business faster and more effectively. But although Behaviour Driven Development is based on a number of simple principles, it can go dramatically wrong in a myriad of different ways.

In this talk we discuss twelve BDD anti-patterns we frequently encounter in real-world BDD projects, anti-patterns that can dramatically reduce the effectiveness of BDD as a practice, and that can even cause BDD adoption to fail entirely. Looking at everything from insufficient collaboration practices to poor use of test automation tooling, from teams that test too much to teams that forget the most important scenarios, we will look at the many different ways that BDD can go wrong, and how it should be done.

We will use real-world examples to illustrate each of these anti-patterns. You will learn how to spot these issues in your own projects, and more importantly how to avoid them in the first place.