Jorge Fioranelli


Lead Consultant at Readify, organiser of F# Sydney meetup

Jorge works as Lead Consultant for Readify and he has extensive experience applying good practices and patterns, introducing new technologies to development teams and refactoring legacy code to make it more maintainable.He also has several years of experience applying agile methodologies, helping teams to estimate, and deliver high-quality software using Domain-Driven Design.He is a regular speaker, organises the F# Sydney user group and frequently runs workshops to introduce F# to C# developers.

YOW! West 2015 Perth

Five Reasons to Move from C# to F#


In this session Jorge explains five remarkable areas in which the F# language provides a significant advantage when comparing it with C#. He shows examples covering from basic to more advanced features, like type providers and computation expressions. This session provides a glimpse of what is possible with F#, its main advantages and a basic understanding of how powerful this great language is.