Kevin Lynagh


Founder of Keming Labs

Kevin Lynagh is a Portland, Oregon-based designer and computerist.

Kevin is an active contributor to the Clojure/ClojureScript community and a popular UX, Clojure and Maker speaker. He has designed software for wind turbine technicians, bioinformaticians, meteorologists, and manufacturers of hipster housewares. When Kevin is not computering, he enjoys woodworking, industrial design, Olympic lifting, and snacks.

YOW! West 2015 Perth

Using ClojureScript w/ heavy industrial equipment


Keming Labs was commissioned by a client in the energy sector to design and build a custom heavy equipment inspection tool. The tool was designed with Harel Statecharts and implemented with ClojureScript running on an Android device.

In this talk, Kevin will discuss this approach; in particular, how explicit immutable data yielded fast, on-device prototyping, easy-to-implement visual testing tools, and improved cohesion between developers, designers, and the end customers.

Building Ux/Mobile Apps Using React.js and ClojureScript


This workshop outlines the “big ideas” of Clojure and ClojureScript: functional programming, immutable data, and first-class platform interoperability.

While these ideas may seem strange at first, they can be powerful once mastered, regardless of the language in which you choose to express them.

The workshop will alternate between lecture and hands-on practice. During this time you’ll use a full working ClojureScript application as an area in which to explore these ideas:

  • Building an app from a set of pure functions
  • Using familiar JavaScript libraries and native objects from within ClojureScript
  • The React.js functional rendering model, and how it allows live in-app updates to templates and behavior
  • Modeling an app via a state machine, allowing for simpler testing and iteration on the visual design


All tooling and a sample application will be provided to participants: all you’ll need is a Windows, OS X, or Linux computer with Java installed.

Optional background reading will be provided in advance to participants.