Malcolm Yow


Solution Engineering Manager at Bankwest

I’m both an engineer and leader with over 15 years experiences in software development focusing within digital channels. I’ve been on a constant learning journey to deliver outstanding customer value solutions by combining UX and agile mindsets in the teams that I manage and lead, as well as championing it within the organisational. I’m a Solution Engineering manager at Bankwest, but right now I am working in Vietnam for CBA Asian Mobile Banking where I lead the mobile development team.

YOW! West 2015 Perth

Lean UX: The Path to Product Development Enlightenment


After spending a year working on a project and delivering all the ‘must’ and ‘could’ have features. You hear through the grapevine that customers found the solution clunky and the uptake hasn’t been great. What’s more, your part of a success ‘agile’ team adopting XP practices and continuous deployment. What’s going wrong?

Successful product development is a team effort and can’t simply be left to the business to decide what’s right. There is a new approach called Lean UX which derives from the UX world, rooted firmly in design thinking, agile and lean startup.

In this talk, I will introduce Lean UX and take you through the guiding principles of the learning loop. Through the talk I will use Bankwest as a case study of how we experimented with Lean UX from projects to strategy.