Marcus Hammarberg


Agile coach, .NET/NodeJs Developer and Author of “Kanban In Action”

I have been a programmer since 1998 and consultant since about 2000. During this time I have often led small agile teams, often in big non-agile organisations. This clash of thoughts has learned me a lot and I have had to learn and apply a lot of different techniques to make agile work in practice. Lately I have been involved in a couple of large scale agile roll-outs in such organisations. I have worked a number of banks and insurance companies, but also at Swedish Ebay and Spotify – as agile coach. Even though I’m brought up in Microsoft land (doing C++, VB6, C# etc.) I have early and often looked into OSS land. This has led me to venture into outer languages and platforms too. Right now I’m jazzed about Node and especially Koa Js. Also right now, I work for the Salvation Army in Indonesia, where I moved with my family in 2014.

YOW! West 2015 Perth

Kanban in Action – A Practical Whirlwind Tour of Kanban


In my consultancy, I’ve come to realize that most clients/teams I’ve coach don’t care too much about the theory.This presentation, therefore, takes a standpoint in the practical parts.I will also mimic my experience with most teams I’ve introduced kanban too, and do the introduction in small iterations.This means that the presentation also is a template for anyone that will need to introduce kanban to others.

Impact Mapping: Drawing is not the point


Impact mapping is a powerful visual technique to make sure that you are building the right thing; making a big impact with our efforts. I’ve found it very enlightening and powerful.

In this session I wanted to try to turn the normal flow on it’s head; by first doing an impact map together and then talk about what this means and how to use it.