Robin Fernandes


Development Team Lead at Atlassian

Robin is a development team lead at Atlassian. His work over the past few years has covered many aspects of Atlassian Cloud.Robin has developed tools to migrate customer data as the platform was re-architected, built a service to analyse and classify thousands of heap dumps from production apps, and published one of the first widely-used add-ons built on Connect, the extension framework for Atlassian Cloud. Most recently, he led a team that extracted the attachment storage functionality from JIRA and re-implemented it as a shared microservice in AWS using Scala.His current team is building Atlassian’s internal Platform as a Service, to support developers across the company in crafting and managing their own microservices. His prior experiences include performance-testing the internals of IBM’s JDK, building a PHP engine that runs on the JVM, and coaxing mainframes into hosting lightweight, RESTful web apps.

YOW! West 2015 Perth

Breaking Microservices out of Monoliths without the Customer Noticing


At Atlassian, we’ve been migrating applications in our Cloud platform to a microservice-based architecture to support the scale and agility we need to grow long into the future. While developing small microservices with the latest tech stacks is relatively quick and fun, rolling out such radical architectural changes to 60,000+ existing instances of systems used continuously by our customers with minimal downtime and no loss of data is extremely challenging. In this talk, we’ll describe our safety-first approach for achieving this, using our recent work rolling out a microservice binary data storage and migrating many terabytes of attachment data from JIRA into AWS as our main case study. We will discuss our success stories and learnings for rapidly developing new microservices with pure functional architecture, planning and executing safe rollout, and engaging the rest of the organisation to achieve immediate and future business benefits.