Sam Ritchie


Chief Codesplicer at Codesplice, Organiser of Perth iOS Developers

Sam has a background in .NET enterprise development, but now works mainly on mobile apps & cloud services. He’s been an Apple fanboy since the 80s, and was coding Objective-C before it was cool. He mainly develops in Swift & F# these days, and actively tries to avoid writing any JavaScript.

Sam runs the Perth-based software consulting company codesplice, and organises the Perth iOS developers meetup group.

YOW! West 2015 Perth

A Swift Introduction to Swift


Last year Apple announced a brand new programming language as a modern replacement for the venerable Objective-C. Swift makes a very interesting study in language design – influenced by modern statically-typed languages with an emphasis on safety and speed, but (almost) seamlessly compatible with the unsafe, dynamic, weakly-typed OO language it needs to co-exist with.

Sam will run through a brief introduction to the language, highlighting some of the design choices and tradeoffs made, and show how to use the language features to write better code.