Uli Holtel


Technical Leader at Bankwest Enterprise Services

Born in Germany Uli is for over 16 years on a journey through time and space discovering and exploring the wonderful world of server side development and integration.Besides his interest in software development and architecture, he is a strong supporter of automation and continuous delivery. Currently he is in the role as Senior IT Specialist with Bankwest.

YOW! West 2015 Perth

How do you get from Cologne to Zurich? (or How I (re)discovered Behaviour Driven Infrastructure)


Setting up a shared infrastructure environment is a challenging task, changing an existing one without breaking anything even more and one that traditional testing methods often have trouble supporting.

Behaviour Driven Infrastructure (BDI) is one of many tools that can help us change the way we approach testing of infrastructure changes. Supported by a real-life case study I will shed some light on what the future might hold in this area and expose some ways in which BDI might help fill the gaps.