Ben Barclay


Developer at Atlassian

Ben Barclay is a developer on the Platform-as-a-Service team at Atlassian. He is primarily responsible for the automation and maintenance of infrastructure required to run hundreds of microservices in production. He originally started working with Docker at his previous job with Blink Mobile Interactive in 2013, when he could no longer stand recompiling PHP to account for differences between production and development machines. He is enthusiastic about anything that can simplify deployments and runs internal training sessions, maintains a Docker registry, and speaks at user groups. He has quickly become the first point of contact when people have questions about Docker.

YOW! West 2016 Perth

Scaling your First 1000 Containers


Deploying large numbers of containers to production can be a difficult proposition if you don’t approach the problem with a strategy appropriate both to the needs of your developers and the size of your operations team. Choosing an appropriate strategy enables you to codify your deployment patterns in a repeatable manner and reuse them over hundreds of deployments without embracing unnecessary cost and complexity.

Using Atlassian’s PaaS as a model, the speaker will discuss important milestones as you scale from a single container to tens, hundreds and eventually to a thousand containers. At what points should you begin to embrace log aggregation, monitoring and metrics collection, orchestration and clustering solutions? Learn how to incorporate ever more sophisticated third party solutions as you go, to achieve cost-effective and stable management of your containers in production, and meet both current and future needs.