Jacky Li


Senior Mobile Developer at realestate.com.au

Jacky is a senior mobile developer at realestate.com.au. and has been working on iOS for 4 years. He is primarily responsible for delivering REA’s iOS app. Prior to joining REA, He was a senior consultant with ThoughtWorks. Over the past 7 years, he has helped many companies with agile organisational transformation and adopting continuous integration in large teams (>100 person).

YOW! West 2016 Perth

Architecture Refactoring on Legacy Code Base


It’s very hard to do architecture changes on a legacy system, but with correct refactoring skills and techniques we managed to apply Presentation-Domain-Data pattern on realestate.com.au’s 6-year-old iOS code base.

We did this without creating a feature branch and while continuing ongoing feature development, we were still able to submit to Apple every 4 weeks.

I’m going to share my experience in this talk: The refactoring strategies needed on a legacy code base, how to change the architecture without breaking the system, and what we learned along the way.