Kris Howard


Developer Relations at YOW!

Kris Howard has been building websites in one form or another for over twenty years. She’s been a developer, a business analyst, and a manager at technology startups in the UK and Australia, most recently at Canva in Sydney. She now heads up Developer Relations for YOW Conferences, meeting and working with developers around Australia. In her spare time she knits and sews, hacks on her personal sites, and helps organise events for the local Girl Geeks chapter. Her Instagram account is pretty much all selfies and food.


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Taking the Management Leap


You’ve been working in tech for a long time, and you’re really good at what you do. Inevitably, at some stage the Question creeps in: “Is this the time in my career when I’m supposed to go into ‘management’?” What do managers even do all day? How do you know if you’d be any good at it–or more importantly–like it? A few years ago, I decided to make the jump and ended up in charge of a team of 20. I’ll walk you through the lessons I learned, the skills you’ll need, and the successes and failures I had along the way. (Spoiler: it’s a bigger leap than you think.)