Matt Davies


Lead Consultant at Readify

Matt is a Lead Consultant for Readify specialising in Windows Azure and mobile application development.He sets out to introduce targeted new Agile software delivery practices and modern technology options with the goal of always leaving teams he works with operating more effectively than when he first met them. He speaks at the Perth Cloud user group, Windows Azure workshops and hackathon events in Perth and is a co-organiser for the first DDD-Perth conference.

YOW! West 2016 Perth

Modern Authentication


Terms like OAuth, OpenIDConnect, claims, tokens, two and three legged authentication, etc. are becoming increasingly common in discussions about software development. Most of us rely on these for authentication to services we use nearly every day! In an era where applications are highly distributed and dependent on other services to perform their function, modern identity approaches are important in allowing us to access protected resources without needing to share passwords around. This talk will help unravel some of these terms, explain modern approaches to authentication and show you how to easily get started setting some of these up yourself.