Simon Raik-Allen


Chief Technology Officer at MYOB Technology

Simon Raik-Allen joined MYOB in January 2010 as Chief Technology Officer. He is responsible for driving the underpinnings of MYOB’s digital vision in helping clients make the most of technology. Simon has 15+ years of industry experience and a background in computer science.

He has worked the majority of his career based in Silicon Valley in areas such as trading exchanges, e-commerce, business intelligence, communications, banking, government, media and entertainment. Simon has also worked with companies such as Sony, eBay, AOL, Bank of America,Fosters,Telstra, NAB, ANZ.

Simon has a Bachelor of Science (Honours) and a Bachelor of Computing from Monash University.

YOW! West 2016 Perth

So you want to be a CTO


In this keynote, Simon will be talking through various aspects in the life of the CTO and sharing experiences and learnings from his 6+ years in the role.

He will give you the CTOs angle on building great products with real world examples on topics such as business transformations, agile, technical disruption, influencing, coaching, leverage, architecture, executive communication, the power of platforms, and some more recent approaches for guiding hundreds of engineers.

If you are looking to one day be a CTO yourself, then this talk is the grounding and inspiration you need to launch that phase of your career.