Andy Clarke


Head of Design at Ansarada

Andy Clarke is one of the best known web designers because of his design work and contributions to the web design industry. He’s given more than sixty presentations at conferences all over the world. As well as numerous articles in web design publications, he’s written three books on website design and development including Transcending CSS and Hardboiled Web Design. He recently relocated from the UK to Sydney to head the design team at ansarada. Andy also hosted four video titles for New Riders Press in 2008/2009: Inspired CSS: Styling for a Beautiful Web, Designing web accessibility, Designing with CSS and Designing with microformats.

 Transcending CSS (author)
Hardboiled Web Design (author)
 Hardboiled Web Design Fifth Anniversary Edition (author)
Smashing Book #3 (co-author)
Smashing Book #5 (co-author)
Web Standards Creativity (co-author)

 Art Directing Web Design
 Counting stars: Predictability vs creativity
 A Modern Designer’s Canvas

YOW! West 2017 Perth

Designing inspired style guides


“Style guide” is an umbrella term for several types of design documentation; static style or visual identity guides, voice and tone, front-end code guidelines or component/pattern libraries. These all offer something different but often have something in common. They look ugly enough to have been designed by someone who enjoys configuring a router.

In this fast-paced talk, Andy will demonstrate ways to improve how style guides look and make them better at communicating design information to creatives without it getting in the way of what technical people need.