Ann Mwangi


Software Developer with Thoughtworks

Ann Mwangi is a software developer with Thoughtworks. She loves understanding different ways of working and has taken other roles in projects like QA. She has worked as a consultant in different projects across different continents. She likes to contribute to open source projects.

Ann loves speaking at conferences and writing about her experiences both in the personal life and at work. She has been a mentor with different groups like Rails girls. She also loves working with young people keen to work in IT, coaching them and facilitating sessions for them. Ann is intrigued by the complexity of life, people and how teams effectively work together. She hates being stagnant in life and thus keeps seeking for opportunities to grow both as a person and employee.

YOW! West 2017 Perth

Accessibility: Is it another checkbox to be ticked?


Often as technologists we are carried away by the various ways of problem solving, that we forget about the presentation of the solution to the required people, in an accessible way. It is easy to overlook the fact that even the best application cannot deliver value if its inaccessible to the users. This talk is about:

Accessibility and why we need it. Some good practices while developing application Emphasise the intention of accessibility as opposed to crossing a threshold set by a tool.