Craig Sharkie


Developer, founder of @SydJS

Husband, father, founder of @SydJS and its family of events, jQuery: Novice to Ninja co-author, HTML5 devotee, CSS3 zealot, Developer advocate, HbbTV proponent, UX impetus, raconteur extraordinaire. And so, most often, unreasonably happy!

Sharkie has worked in two man teams and 1000+ employee companies! He’s travelled Australia and internationally presenting and promoting responsible Development. When not coding, you’ll find him in the kitchen creating amazing food, dreaming of a better recipe book, hoping to make his wife laugh, and marvelling at his daughter.

YOW! West 2017 Perth

Camouflage, Subterfuge, and Subtlety

Demo – 30 mins.

CSS, that’s the Cascading Style Sheets variety, are accused of many issues, but none more so than their flexibility and power. What should be the factors that are the hallmarks of the CSS arsenal have become the main weapons the language’s enemies return to at any confrontation.

But rather than retreat from battle, let’s take the war to the enemy. Let’s adopt the clarity, reasoning, polymorphism, and statelessness that CSS’ enemies rally behind. We’ll learn to look at specificity, selectors, mixins, and even variables and discuss them in ways that can be seen as functional, and not merely fluid.

While immutability might not be an ally, we can certainly call on camouflage, subterfuge, and subtlety to win over our opponents.