Jake Ginnivan


Blogger, Speaker, Microsoft MVP (VSTO)

Jake is currently working with Seven West Media on their new digital platform, before this he spent many years as a consultant for Readify with a brief 2 year sabbatical to London working in the finance industry for Adaptive Consulting. He is an active maintainer or creator of quite a few open source including GitVersion, DbUp, Shouldly, BDDfy and contributes to many more.

YOW! West 2017 Perth

Modern TypeScript is amazing!


You think you know TypeScript? Unless you have been looking at it recently you likely have missed some of the amazing features shipped in 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2. Some of these language features exist in very few other languages and open up so many doors.

In this talk Jake will introduce you to TypeScript and run through a number of the latest language features including spread/rest operators which many Babel users love, Mapped Types, Generics and cover practical examples where he has been using these features to improve the code he is writing day to day.