Naresh Jain


Founder at ConfEngine

Geek…Consultant…Conference Producer…Startup Founder…struggling to stay up-to-date with technology innovation. Null Process Evangelist.

Naresh Jain is an internationally recognised Technology & Product Development Expert. Over the last decade, he has helped streamline the product development culture at many Fortune 500 companies like Hike, Google, Amazon, HP, Siemens Medical, GE Energy, Schlumberger, EMC, CA Technologies, to name a few companies. His hands-on approach to product innovation by focusing on product discovery and engineering excellence is a key differentiator.

In 2005, Naresh founded the Agile Software community of India, a registered non-profit society to evangelise Agile, Lean and other Light-weight Software Development methods in India. He is responsible for creating and organising 50+ international conferences including the Functional Conf, Simple Design And Testing Conference, Agile Coach Camp, Selenium Conf India, jQuery and Open Web Conference and Eclipse Summit India.

In recognition of his accomplishments, in 2007 the Agile Alliance awarded Naresh with the Gordon Pask Award for contributions to the Agile Community.

YOW! West 2017 Perth

Setting up Continuous Delivery Pipeline for a Large-Scale Mobile App


Hike is a mobile-first, messaging platform that is used by 100 million users to exchange 40 billion messages/month. Hike app is available on Android, iOS and Windows phone. On the back-end, we’ve 100+ macro-services in Java, Python, Ruby, Go and Elixir. While setting up a Continuous Delivery pipeline, we ran into a series of technical challenges. However it was more important to address the organisational/behavioural challenges to ensure a sustainable culture shift in the company.

In this talk, I’ll explain how we went about:

  • Setup a trunk-based development model
  • Decentralised our build & test environments using Docker and Jenkins
  • Segregated and containerised our macro-services
  • Refactored the mobile apps to be more container friendly
  • Setup a mobile device farm using STF
  • Improved the quality of code-reviews using PRBuilder & PRRiskAdvisor
  • Created different kinds of automated tests to align with our CI Pipeline and get rapid feedback
  • Finally how we used C3 to visualise the health of our code-base