Vasyl Boroviak


Software Engineer at SafetyCulture

Ukrainian born and risen software engineer. Moved to the Oz seeking more sun, sand, and waves. For the last two years I work at SafetyCulture, a successful startup with a global mission to save lives. I do JavaScript backend development for 4 years now. Passionate about all things JavaScript, Web, and Microservices. Can talk hours about all that restlessly. Hobbies are software development and yoga.

YOW! West 2017 Perth

Introduction to Jest Testing Framework


There are always ways to improve processes and standards in large organizations.

If your company or you are working on multiple and/or large JavaScript projects then you should try Jest.

This talk is about JavaScript unit testing. I’ll show the testing platform called Jest. Will tell why and how large companies can benefit from it.

The presentation is going to be fun and entertaining.